Box Clever Holiday 'Card'

I love working at Box Clever because we get to have fun and do some weird things. Lately we've really been into folding paper. It's a cool mix of industrial design and graphics.

The company does a holiday email blast each December and this time we decided to send out a template for a fun project that people could make at home. It is a 2016 calendar on what is called a Flexagon. The flexagon is a crazy shape that you can put together with paper – it rotates and kind of blows my mind when I try to comprehend how it works....

Check out the email we sent here.
Click here to download a template for yourself.
You just print this out on 11x17 paper, cut out on the lines, fold it up, and stick a couple pieces of tape on. So cool!

Below is a video that we put together to show it working.